Company Name NextDoor co, ltd
address 6-216-9 miyamotocho handa city aichi JAPAN
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Establishied 2000/7/7
Finical year-end june
Bussiness contents A mainly used car, a truck, the export of auto parts. Elsewhere a motorcycle, a construction industry machine, a crane truck, a heavy industrial machine
Main supplier USS Co.,Ltd. CAA Co.,Ltd. Aucnet addition,the used car auction meeting place of national each place.
Export destination Europe,Asia,Africa,Oceania
Approval A dealar in secondhanded articles, Collection companies get permission and get permission Fluorocarbons Recovery Operators, Dismantling obtain permission

Stuff 1 Yuki Honda
Purchase representative
Language: Japanese
Mobile:+81 90 9173 8640
Stuff 1 Shota Yoshikawa
Sales representative / Export Div
Language: English,Japanese
Mobile:+81 90 3288 3155